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Hokkaido is located to the north of Honshu and the two islands are separated by the Tsugaru Strait (map).

The topography of Hokkaido consists of a mountainous volcanic plateau in its center that is surrounded by coastal plains.

Honshu has a total area of 88,017 square miles (227,962 sq km) and it is the world's seventh largest island.

The island is 810 miles (1,300 km) long and it has a varied topography that includes many different mountain ranges, some of which are volcanic.

The highest of these is the volcanic Mount Fuji at 12,388 feet (3,776 m).

Like many areas of Japan, earthquakes are also common on Honshu.It has a total area of 13,761 square miles (35,640 sq km) and a 2016 population estimate of 12,970,479.Since it is in southern Japan, Kyushu has a subtropical climate and its inhabitants produce a variety of agricultural products.The subducting plates, being deeper than the Eurasian plate, pulled Japan eastward, opening the Sea of Japan around 15 million years ago.The Strait of Tartary and the Korea Strait opened much later.Currently the Philippine Sea Plate is subducting beneath the continental Amurian Plate and the Okinawa Plate to the south at a speed of 4 cm/year, forming the Nankai Trough and the Ryukyu Trench.

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