J lo dating dancer

Jack tells Karen he will not throw the competition.

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Believing he won, Artemus tells Karen he used her to win.

After deciding that she only needs four dancers, Jackson fires both Jack and Artemus.

He cannot choose between them as Grace is his long-time friend, but he also cares for Vince.

The episode concludes with him telling Vince that he wants to work things out, but before they can discuss it, Vince sees Grace's wedding album, resulting in him being more focused on the album than the relationship. I have to catch myself because I'm cracking up in rehearsals.

While at dinner with his boyfriend Vince (Bobby Cannavale), and Vince's superior officer, Grace calls him, displeasing Vince.

Believing that Grace might be suicidal, Will leaves to attend to her.

Before the dance-off, Karen (Megan Mullally)—Jack's friend—visits to support her friend.

She sees Artemus and reveals to Jack the two are former lovers. Karen reassures Jack that their reconciliation will not affect him in any way, only for her to tell Jack to lose the dance-off.

She tries to move on, but mementos of the past do not let her.

Her best friend Will (Eric Mc Cormack) tries to help her but to no avail.

At the beginning of the episode Jack (Sean Hayes) learns he will have an audition to be a backup dancer for singer Janet Jackson.

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