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Below is the matrix for both list and document library in Share Point 2013.For both lists and libraries: No value: Column value is not available New value: This is the column new value.Changed value: Updated Column value Original value: This is the Old value, not the updated value.

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New value means that the correct value for the column was available.

Changed value means that the correct updated value was available.

With the exception of feature events, here is a full list of available Share Point events, event receivers, and event hosts for quick reference.

There is a difference between the behaviour of Before and After properties when dealing with document libraries versus when dealing with lists.

In the case of Item Updating event, it is possible to get the previous value by using the properties.

List Item property and in the After Properties, we will be able to get the updated value.

For documents, Before and After properties are guaranteed for post events, such as Item Updated, but Before properties are not available for post events on list items.

For both lists and libraries: No value means that column value in the hash table was not available.

Item Updating(properties) Dim current Item As SPList Item = properties.

Visit Stack Exchange The reason why item-updating event receiver fires twice in case of document libraries is because of check-in/checkout.

Here we will discuss Before Properties and After Properties in Event Receiver in Share Point 2013.

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