Itemupdating not firing

There is very limited information available on the web regarding these two methods.

- Mark Hi Mark, I had a look at the Form View control's code, and it seems Mode Changed event is only raised when formview is bound to a datasource control (i.e. See it for yourself: private void Handle New() Unfortunatelly, you have to handle Mode Changing event and call Change Mode() manually with e.

New Mode argument: protected void fv_Mode Changing(object sender, Form View Mode Event Args e) Done.

All events ending with “-ing” are termed as Before events, while all the events ending with “-ed” are called as After events.

Examples for Before and After Events - There are other events also like App Installing, App Installed, App Uninstalling, and App Unistalled likewise.

From this base class I get a properties ‘Event Firing Enabled’ which allows me to control the event receiver firing.

The following code snippet shows my custom Event Receiver Manager: The code snippet above is derived from Share Point’s SPEvent Receiver Base to use the ‘Event Fireing Enabled’ property.

For disabling event receiver to get fired again we can use the property ‘’ as shown below: However, if you are in a webpart and want to modify an item but don’t want to fire event receiver, then? So if you can set your current’s thread’s data to the required value before/after updating item, you can control the event receiver.

However, setting current thread data manually might be risky and I’ll not use that path.

Whenever we work with Event Receiver or Remote Event Receiver in Share Point, we come across two common methods that are automatically created when we add an event receiver *file.

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