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The Senate also stressed the need to flnaiiae an economic framework agreement with the EC.

to give commerce with the Pacific basin high priority, «nd to strengthen relations with the Latin American Integration Association.

The Pepsi Cola drink is being marketed under the name of Lebar because the Indian government discourages foreign companies from using their international brand names since these would give them an advantage over their Indian rivals.

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Invest- ments to be made by bottkzs and other joint venture part- ners are estimated by the com- pany to reach Rsx Sbn (£60Qm) in the next 10 years.

Mexico set to open free trade talks with US By Richard Johns in Mexico City PRESIDENT CARLOS Salinas de Gortari has won approval from Mexico's upper house, the Senate, to open talks with the US on a free trade agreement Formal announcement of a start to the talks is expected to be m a ^** when he visits Wash- ington next month.

The Senate, dominated by the ruling Institutional Revolu- tionary Party, backed the ini- tiative after holding meetings with business and labour lead- ers.

It rejected any moves Implying loss of sovereignty.

Reports in the press suggested that Turkey would upgrade its relations with Israel in a til-for- tart me asur e following an accu- mulation of Turkish grievances m garngf the Tsbmiir: Conference Organisation (ECO). There are one million blind and partially sighted people living in Britain today. V* For credit card donations nng Charityline z~\ 0839 777772. Jean-Francois Berry Association Francaise des utfflsateurs du Telephone et des Telecommunications M. t i i v r - * 4 FINANCIAL TIMES FRIDAY MAY 25 1990 WORLD TRADE NEWS Pepsi Co urges US to let India off the hook By K. Sharma in New Delhi PEPSI-COLA International h as urged Mrs Carla Hills, the US Trade Representative, to drop threatened sanctions against India under the Super 301 pro- vision of the US Trade Law.

The Turkish Government has been a nno y ed by a Saudi move to defer an ICO foreign min- sters’ meeting to the second half of July, after the hajtj pilgrim- age, when it is likely to be aand- Tin twl by the T wmim Saiu H dis- pute over pilgrim quotas. At the Royal National Institute for the Blind, we help thousands of them get on with the ordinary business of ordinary life. Uonel Fleury Agence France Presse Mr Peter conchle obe British Aerospace (Space Systems) Limited M. Pepsi Co, which yesterday launched its cola soft drink in India miter the brand rewne , “Lehar", told Mrs Hills it con- siders Indian conditions suit- able for foreign investment and therefore opposes trade sanc- tions.

■ ^ Peace radio bombed A car bomb destroyed the Col- Mundo radio station known AT£J3 as the Network of Peace, in ■ — Medellin, as violence continued to sweep Colombia before the May 27 presidential elections. Page 26 US President George Bush extended China's mostfa- voured-nation trade benefits, tir nghtog wfriflfr rang ressional criticism and defending his move as in the best interests Chinese people.

Paige 6 BRITISH Telecom, U&telecom- mi UHcations group, reported pre-tax profits In the year to March 31 at £2^Sbn (-4bn) .

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- dent and defiantly huffed com- •" munism as the only road for -- -• z mankind. v ;; : leader Lech Walesa to ca ll off - , ri: their pay protest, dfaruptfrqf .

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