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Other risers are Lexi, Poppy and Fiadh and Sienna, none of which made the top 500 back in 2004 but all of which are now in the top 100.

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Therefore, our analysis also draws from names’ ranking in each year.

Given the changes to baby names in the 10-year period covered by the CSO statistics it is, perhaps, not surprising that the changes are far more dramatic going back 50 years.

Popular in 1963 In 2013, alongside its annual breakdown of baby names the CSO also published a list of the most popular names 50 years previously.

A comparison of the two sets of data makes for interesting reading.

Fast forward 50 years and Marys are still with us albeit in fewer numbers than they were – just 79 girls were given the name in 2013 compared to the whopping 3,721 Marys born five decades earlier.

Margaret and Catherine have also stuck around although their popularity has dimmed somewhat; neither name ranked within the top 100 in 2013.Similarly, Ruby has shot up from 121st place in 2004 to find herself in the top 20 or thereabouts in more recent times.An average of 320 girls were given this name in the last six years for which figures are available.This increased diversity is also evident among boys’ name: 3,628 boys’ names were registered in 2013, over five times the number of boys names registered back in 1963.Scott and Tracy’s sit-down with his parents doesn’t exactly go as planned on Sunday’s season finale of “Spouse House.” An exclusive sneak peek from the TLC unscripted series’ upcoming episode features Scott’s mom and dad meeting Tracy and finding it hard to believe that the pair could already have strong feeling for each other after just two weeks of dating.When was the last time you met a young person who shared your name? Then there is a distinct possibility your name has fallen from fashion, or that it may be on its way down the charts.

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