Is jessica biel and chris evans still dating

She has been with Timberlake since 2007, broke up and then got back together 3 months later. I think the only relationship that needs to be mentioned is her relationship with Timberlake. --GRuban (talk) , 9 September 2011 (UTC) What do you think of the other WP articles on celebrities (I'm guessing that there are over a thousand) that mention dating and relationships?

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That seems significant enough for a mention even if an editor thinks it's worthless garbage.

Morbidthoughts (talk) , 8 September 2011 (UTC) I am coming into this conversation just a tad bit late.

Ibanez100 (talk) , 10 September 2011 (UTC)Yes, but how do we determine if a given relationship is sufficiently important for the article? If a several reliable sources comment on a relationship, then it should be in the article. Are you honestly saying that if several of those happen to make inane comments about the same celebrity appearance that it suddenly becomes useful for our article? It's editorial judgment as to what is important and what isn't, and I propose that normal dating, like normal beach going, restaurant going, and clothes wearing, isn't.

But if it were just 1 or two gossip sources, then, no, it doesnt belong in the article. If she dates the pope or a president, yes, because that would be rare.

Does anyone seriously doubt that Biel has dated Justin Timberlake?

I did not even word the article to say when she dated either of these two or if she was still dating Timberlake.

Much of the material in the Personal life section was previously included in the article alongside her career, as she co-starred with Adam La Vorgna and Chris Evans.

It was not challenged but when it was cleaned up and moved into a separate section and many references carefully source, editors have repeatedly deleted the whole Personal life section without any effort to discuss.

Unless there was something particularly memorable about any of these romances, we shouldn't list them, and I proposes deleting them. Consider WP: UNDUE and to consider the notabilities of the specific relationships.

If she dated a notable costar for several years and multiple rs reported on it...

Any of those would fit fine in a celebrity gossip magazine, but it's not of encyclopedic interest.

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