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Growing up in the wilderness, she was fascinated by the wild adventures of Alaska since the young age and went on becoming an ice road trucker.

Starting her driving career with an Alaskan haulage company, Carlile Transportation, she joined Ice Road Truckers as an only female trucker in season 3.

So, fans have started assuming that the show has got canceled.

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She owns pet horses with her husband, Traves Kelly, a dirt biker, with whom she got married in 2008 after dating for four years.

What is Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly net worth in 2018?

While there, Kelly spoke with “Truckers News” Editor David Hollis about her work on the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers” reality show and life in general.

She also talked affectionately about her driving partner and fellow cast mate Darrell Ward.

According to show's producer Kelly was taking a year off.

Kelly returned in season 7, and on season 9, she was working in Darrell Ward's new company before his death following season 10. In 2008, Lisa married Traves Kelly, after dating him for four years.After proving herself on the Canadian winter roads, thrill-seeker Lisa Kelly was looking for her next great adventure.When her friend Darrell Ward offered up a piece of his new company, Lisa jumped at the opportunity.Being a woman, Kelly says this was a difficult achievement. I had to pull my weight and everybody else's and get the job done as fast, or faster"; trucking in the Himalayas in India; in a later season, she drove in Bolivia and Peru.Journalist Kaye O'Hara claims that Kelly was offered a contract to return to the show for season six, but she declined it.Today was slick calm and the gaffer dolphin fishing was very good.

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