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It seems that even today, the realm of love and relationships is not exempt from the political.

In this post, gives us a very intimate and personal insight into the experiences and, sometimes the politics of, interracial dating ‘then’ and ‘now’. She grew up in the serene white middle-class surroundings of Richmond, attended the local Catholic school and had been married once before, with three kids.

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I spoke to a friend about this very subject just recently and he said, “Rhianna, black just isn’t beautiful”.

Interestingly, this friend is black himself, and mainly goes for white girls.

My ex-boyfriend, who is now one of my closest friends, is white and after speaking to my nana, I feel lucky we were together last year and not during the time of my grandparents’ relationship. It was, however, a factor in our relationship that we both experienced differently.

I recently asked him to reflect on things and I was surprised by how much the mixed-race element of our relationship had affected him.

On many occasions, he had been met with shock when he told people he had a… People have said he didn’t ‘seem’ like the ‘type’ of person who would date interracially. Was he too middle-class, too conservative to date a ‘mixed’ or ‘black’ girl?

It is true that sometimes I felt that he enjoyed breaking his own stereotype by having me by his side, which made me feel awkward.

I rarely saw pictures in magazines of white men and black women; if mixed race couples were on TV, it was usually the opposite scenario – black men with white women.

So for a long time, I thought that my skin was ugly.

On the other hand and to my dismay, even my mother said recently that she would be “very very surprised” if my brother came home with a black girl.

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