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Once that’s done Outlook should be able to search itself quickly.Windows Search is the current name for the indexing service.As we’ll see below, there are other non-Outlook issues that can stop indexing of your mail store.

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Here it gets tricky because you have to just try things and hope it might work.

Here’s one fix that we’ve heard about and prompted us to write this article.

This is the part of Windows which indexes the content of all the documents, images and other files on your computer, plus Outlook data, so that it can be searched quickly. “Near enough is good enough’ seems to be the Microsoft motto.

We’ve complained for years about the Indexing service, for example the lack of an easy ‘Index Now’ option to speed up initial indexing. But it’s not very robust and too many little things can make it fall over.

Outlook’s search relies on the Windows to find items.

You need to look at the Windows Search Service and get that working correctly.

If you want Hyper-V, it’s simple to install from Control Panel | Programs then add a Windows feature. To see a little of what’s happening with Windows Search, go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Event Viewer.

For some reason, according to Microsoft, Hyper-V is installed and activated on these Lenovo laptops. Under Event Viewer (Local) | go to Windows Logs | Applications.

Here we’ll try to explain what’s happening, what Microsoft recommends and what might actually work.

Usually, Outlook is to blame for a problem but not this time.

The error handling is awful so tracking down the problem is too ‘hit and miss’ for anyone’s liking.

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