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To remedy this, numerous connections are created and maintained in a connection pool.Any incoming requests that require access to the application’s data layer use an already-created connection from the pool.Because the Glass Fish server is included in the download, it is automatically registered with the IDE.

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The two database tables, database table, and inserts it into to the page before it is sent to the browser.

When the user submits his or her selection in the welcome page’s HTML form, the submit initiates a request for the response page ( In order to implement the scenario described above, you develop a simple application for a fictitious organization named IFPWAFCAD, The International Former Professional Wrestlers' Association for Counseling and Development.

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In this tutorial, a Java web application communicates directly with a My SQL database using the Java Database Connectivity API.

Essentially, it is the My SQL Connector/J JDBC Driver that enables communication between the Java code understood by the application server (the Glass Fish server), and any content in SQL, the language understood by the database server (My SQL).

For example, they are normally used to specify application context parameters and behavioral patterns, security settings, as well as mappings for servlets, filters and listeners.

Adding the database driver’s JAR file is another step that is vital to enabling the server to communicate with your database.

However, working with servers other than the Glass Fish server is beyond the scope of this tutorial. However, this tutorial demonstrates how to declare a data source in the deployment descriptor, and it does not rely on any features specific to Java EE 6 or Java EE 7, so you can set the project version to Java EE 5. The welcome page implements an HTML form that is used to capture user data.

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