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3) Leave teens with a "mini relationship tip sheet" such as the Expect Respect Phone Pocket/Wallet Card.Your ability to increase awareness of teen dating violence is directly tied to the measures that you take to make your educational program interesting and engaging for teenagers.First impressions are critical when trying to capture the attention of a teenage audience.

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Below are some ways that you can jump-start your teen dating program: 1) Start with some True or False questions that help call attention to teen dating violence myths: 2) Dispel these myths by reminding teens that TDV can affect teens of all races, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

3) Split one third of your audience away from the rest of the group and explain how they represent the one third of teens who will experience TDV.

Stopping teen dating violence before it has a chance to unfold is an ambitious but attainable goal.

Preventing dating violence requires educators to bolster the confidence of teens and help them realize that they can play an active role in preventing TDV.

Some of the most important components of a healthy relationship are: At the end of this final step, teens should leave your program energized and ready to build healthy relationships with others.

You want to make sure that they do not forget the key qualities found in healthy relationships, so leave them with a final reminder of what you've discussed before you finish.

Successfully raising awareness about teen dating violence is best achieved by preparing a well-organized, engaging school event.

Educational programs focusing on teen dating should include content that is current and relevant to a teenage audience.

You can engage teens with the activities below: 1) First, instill confidence in teens.

Assure them there are steps they can take to prevent dating violence such as the good decision bullet points listed above.

Use this opportunity to illustrate the magnitude of the problem, and also to let potential victims know they are not alone.

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