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But for a talent like Mark Rylance—a trained British theater actor, currently in Spielberg’s (2001), he plays a man having an affair with a married woman (Kerry Fox) he barely knows.

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But the iciness and sterility of this deeply disturbing sex scene is also what gives it its strange power, as Nicole Kidman‘s lingerie-clad, opthalmologist wife and Colin Farrell‘s slightly schlubby surgeon husband indulge in their extremely unusual “usual.” She pretends to be anaesthetized like one of his patients, while he climbs on top of her to have intercourse, and while it does nothing for one’s libido, it does provoke a firestorm of questions about the nature of sexual perversion and what intimacy would look like if everyone on the planet were basically some form of sociopath. “Beach Rats” – Frankie & Michael So much of Eliza Hittman‘s woozy coming-of-age story unfolds in a slightly tripped-out haze, that it’s often hard to separate the sex scenes — gay and straight — from the hormonal confusion and dissipation that surrounds them.

But one encounter does stand out, for its casual intimacy, and that’s the one between Harris Dickinson‘s sexually uncertain teen and Michael (Eric Potempa), the older guy he picks up online for a tryst in a cheap motel.

The scene culminates in Michael examining the length of Frankie’s fingers to “prove” that he’s gay and it’s a rare moment of charged intimacy that encapsulates so much of the film’s themes of uncertainty, hesitance and sexual ambivalence.

With the sheer number of movies, books, and living art projects that seem to emerge from the life of James Franco, it’s actually kind of surprising that he hasn’t released an official sex tape yet.

Sometimes the flesh-to-flesh contact onscreen looks so real, you might wonder if the actors are really doing it. back in 1982 might have felt there was a certain authenticity to the lovemaking between Richard Gere and Debra Winger.

No one can ever be absolutely certain whether they are (or aren’t) except for the participants themselves, of course. And indeed, rumors circulated about actual sex happening during filming.

Things happen along the way to all three characters, but mostly this is a remarkably un-contrived portrayal of growing up in the pauses between life’s big dramas.

And Cyd’s reward is the kind of joyful, giggly but extremely turned-on sex of which the callow youth she was at the film’s beginning would not have been capable. “Dear White People” – Sam & Gabe In Justin Simien’s clever Netflix series, which follows a group of black students at a predominantly white school, provocative radio host Samantha White (2017 Playlist breakout actress Logan Browning) is the face of bold, feminist afrocentricity on campus.

Sam is writhing in ecstasy on top of some lucky guy and then boom: cut to reveal that Sam’s actually hooking up with Gabe (John Patrick Amedori), a privileged white dude on campus.

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