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By accident, Stacy meets Bobby's mother; he catches them talking to each other and becomes furious and violent.

Upset, she refuses to see him again, and later takes it out on Laura, calling her irresponsible.

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Stacy's body is soon found in the lake, wrapped in a trash bag with duct tape, and tied down with cinder blocks. A court trial soon follows with the district attorney asking everyone if they ever saw Bobby hit Stacy.

Carla says she did, but that it was because Stacy wouldn't listen to him.

Her worry grows when she notices that Stacy has several unexplained bruises on her body.

She talks to her about what she heard, but Stacy, frustrated, assures her that she can take care of herself.

Stacy Collins is a shy 16-year-old high school student who has secretly been in love with Bobby Tennison for two years.

She is surprised when he starts to show a romantic interest in her, considering he is a senior wrestler, and the most popular guy in school.

Bobby later wins Stacy’s trust back by telling her about the alcoholism that runs in his family.

They are happy for a while, but trouble begins again when he sees her talking to another boy at the school dance.

When Nicki flat out says that he doesn't love her, she angrily says, "Then you don't know what love is! After Nicki helps her see the truth, she accepts that he isn't treating her right and ends their relationship.

When he doesn't take the break-up well, she offers for them to just be friends, but they are soon estranged when he hears that she was talking to another boy at a birthday party and slaps her again despite them no longer dating.

In the boys' locker room, one of the boys gives her a compliment, which outrages him.

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