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Although very similar, there are slight differences among the programs.For a list of our properties click here HACA has more than 5,400 Section 8 vouchers, also known as Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV).Or you may visit HACA’s central office during business hours and submit an Update Form in order to report application changes.

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Hcv dating singles

Pre-applications are accepted through the application web portal at

Once you have submitted an application, you may check your status on the waiting list at If you need assistance finding a free public computer lab in your area, please see our list of computer resources. If you are in need of affordable housing assistance while on one of our waiting lists or if you were unable to get onto one of our waiting lists, please check out these other housing resources.

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HACA currently provides housing to more than 19,000 Austinites on a daily basis.

The need for affordable housing in Austin continues to grow and exceeds the housing assistance currently available.

Required Information– Full names– Social Security Numbers (if applicable)– Birth dates– Estimated Gross Income– The entire pre-application must be completed and submitted before an applicant can be placed on a waiting list.

A full explanation of all the eligibility requirements and program rules for HACA’s Public Housing program can be found in the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy, in the Tenant Selection Plans for the PBRA program, and in the Administrative Plan for the HCV program. HACA has 18 Public Housing/PBRA properties totaling 1,839 apartments throughout the city of Austin.

As of December 2016, eight properties had converted to the PBRA program.

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