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On November 10, 2012, Rihanna performed her song "Diamonds" on SNL in front of a green screen backdrop of 3D animations of planets cruising across digital oceans and various deep-sea creatures.The accompanying video looked a lot like the work of online Seapunk artists and musicians like Jerome LOL (pictured at left) and Lil Internet, the latter of whom coined the label.The most memorable: Tom De Longe's boorish Boomer (far left). Instagramming that cake you're currently eating? Winky faces are what seventh grade boys sent you over AOL Instant Messenger when they were "flirting." C'mon guys, we've matured.

There’s already been a preponderance of scientific studies and general handwringing about Millennials, all attempting to piece together the puzzle of how this cohort feels about politics, sex, identity and more.

Recently, we isolated some potential blind spots for twentysomethings in our 50 Things Millennials Don’t Know About list. The Jonas Brothers were so massively popular around 2008 that even non-Millennials knew about Joe, Nick and Kevin.

After releasing her first auto-tuned, faux-British accented single "Pop The Glock" in 2006, the singer worked with French music producers the likes of Mr. By the time the album dropped, the foul-mouthed electro-popster had largely faded into obscurity.

However, her X-rated songs dissing online haters exemplified a very specific type of My Space-era Internet fame, and viral white girl rappers Kitty Pryde and Kreayshawn owe a lot to Uffie's steez.

Twitter is a hothouse for weird, and Horse_ebooks is one of its weirdest accounts. When each date stepped off the bus, the screen froze to reveal quirky facts about the date (e.g., "thinks the world is his oyster"; "licensed metrosexual").

Originally thought to be a bizarrely brilliant spambot, the account fired off near-koans like, "Everything happens so much." The account was eventually revealed to be the work of one man, Jacob Bakkila, and the handle continues as part of an ongoing performance art project. At any point during the date the contestant could shout "next!

The Los Angeles teen model met party photographer Mark Hunter, known as "The Cobrasnake," in 2005 and the duo became a staple at every well-photographed, Steve Aoki DJ'd rager across the country.

Though the two have since parted ways, these shaggy-haired hipsters will forever go down as popularizing the neon shoestring headband and making bad flash photography cool.

Chatroulette is a site that pairs you up with random users for videochats.

You keep "spinning" until you're paired up with someone you actually want to talk to.

After that you play online games to earn Neopoints to buy them food, toys, and pets.

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