Harvard graduate student dating

If you look hard you’ll find someone looking for the same thing, but the chance that they’re what you’re looking for in a partner is also low. Ultimately, you want to be looking for the right person, and it’s unlikely they’re just going to show up in your life.

I’d recommend seeking out people, not relationships. If everyone right now is too busy for dating then they won’t have time for these things, which will make you more desirable when dating becomes a possibility. The last time I was single it was for 4 months, and I went on tinder/bumble dates with at least 75 people in that time due to my free time, and the fact that I wanted to find the right person.

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I don’t know that this is helpful for you, but it is something I’ve noticed.

Of course, what I’ve found most helpful is to talk, whether it’s “hey, I like you; any interest” or a “can I take you out on a date?

Frankly I’ve enjoyed what college here has been in terms of its intellectual and extracurricular opportunities so far but socially and especially the dating scene have been utterly, intolerably disappointing.

So is it just me or have you all noticed this as well? Boston is the largest and most diverse college town in the world.

Of course there are many types of people present on campus, all with varying backgrounds and life stories and what not, but I have to agree with you that from what I've seen the dating climate is pretty lame.

Others will object, but all in all, just wait for that single person to come along one day who will truly open up their heart to you and genuinely love you.

A few of my folks have quietly introduced me to their significant others and until that introduction, I would have guessed “single”.

It could be that my dating radar is tuned for a different environment, but I think people are having serious, romantic connections and for whatever reason, they’re remaining very quiet about them. I think they’re also having breakups in silence, too, since the folks who have wanted to talk about their breakups ALSO never triggered my couples radar.

I think branching out to social scenes different from the ones you've been experiencing your 1st semester is a good idea.

Whether that's different social groups within Harvard or other universities (disclaimer: am MIT student). Slightly different experience for me as well since I was a grad student but I met my now wife at Howl at the Moon of all places.

At least you seem to have the source of the problem figured out. Don't feel funny about getting serious with someone soon. Don't measure your life by As achieved, measure it by the depth of your relationships. I'd suggest looking at intercollegiate events, volunteering, or getting away from Harvard people to date seriously.

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