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Let me provide some “Missing Parent” examples, along with key family dynamics, followed by some MSP intervention strategies: 1. A Supervisor, who I’ll call Eric, in a recent workshop with five other management-level colleagues, shared how his once vital mother (now in her 50s) has become depressed, has gained considerable weight, and mostly stays at home.

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('' Mommy needs friends, too, men and women.

They make her feel nice and likable and pretty.'')Parents often try to shield children from the facts of divorced life, reasoning that they are too young or too fragile to be told.

hardiness, sense of self, and capacity for mature engagement with others.

In addition, the Missing Parent may be away for lengthy periods of time because of the type of work; think of a mother or father in or employed by the military stationed overseas.

When a parent begins dating again after the divorce, children have a way of complicating the picture.

Perhaps the most common question heard nowadays at single parent workshops is: '' How do I conduct my own love life, freely and comfortably, without psychologically harming my child?

The MP just cannot be as emotionally available as they were before the bio-psycho-social turning point.

There’s a new or exaggerated self-centeredness, callousness, or pronounced cautiousness; their defensive and self-protective walls have gone up limiting give and take openness and authenticity.

Indeed, seeing a parent going off on a date can be a useful lesson for a child, whatever his reaction.

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