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When I first started learning about Active Directory, Group Policy always seemed very fickle.

Whatever it is, you’ll be happy to know that forcing a gpupdate remotely is super simple and can be done in a variety of equally simple ways.

Starting with Windows Server 2012, Microsoft added the command Invoke-GPUpdate to Power Shell to provide a flexible, programmatic way to force group policy updates both locally and remotely.

As it turned out, Group Policy was always working – I just didn’t understand it.

So what’s the difference between GPUpdate and GPUpdate /force? If you just edited a GPO and want to see results immediately, running gpupdate will do the trick.

Related: RSATTo force a gpupdate use the following command: The script will store every computer object in your domain in the $clients variable and then loop through the Invoke-GPUpdate -Force command for each of them.

Here is another option for forcing group policy updates that Microsoft introduced starting with Windows Server 2012 through Windows Server 2016.

/Sync: Useful for changing the foreground (startup/logon) processing to synchronous. You probably noticed a lack of remote support with GPUpdate.

To address this, Microsoft introduced the Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet.

However, this only works within Group Policy Management.

Because a good bit of my work is done within Active Directory Users and Computer, I prefer this method of running a remote GPUpdate. As you now know, it is very powerful and completely customizable to your situation and environment.

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