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Otherwise, you will end up forgetting the username.

If your perfect username is taken, try adding an adjective in front of it. cowgirl_up: You could also change this to cowboy up. cereal_killer: Obviously, this is a play on the word “serial” and “cereal.” 50. It’s easy and is something that most people aren’t going to choose. can_dice: I am not even sure what this means, but it sounds good. bros_before_hoes: This is probably not the username to have on a dating site, but it would work for gaming.

Many people just use their name with a number after it to make a username and move on.

If you want to get especially creative, there are some funny usernames that you can use. cute_as_ducks: This is an obvious play on the phrase, “Cute af,” but it’s a bit more parent friendly.

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