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It's a 0,000 camera that Markus designed and he is the only one skilled enough to fix it.The stress is high while he tries to repair it in time to get the necessary shots of Dita.The best feeling in the world is to be desired, so Indrani encourages Markus to flirt with their subjects.

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She's the queen of burlesque but also a fashion icon who conjures old Hollywood and 1940s femininity.

After getting a great shot in the first set up, something in the camera breaks.

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The last setting is on the train tracks with the setting sun.

Just when they hit a groove, a train derails their plans.

They make the women into a goddess, a symbol of female superiority.

Indrani may be "the bitch" of the shoot, but she makes sure everything gets done on time and in the way it's needed.

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