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And even though some may say it means the same, but that’s exactly how it is.” They do.Russian and Ukrainian girls have relationships and marry local guys every day of the week.Early deaths in males are the major reason for significant demographic imbalances.

The reason why Slavic ladies seek to marry men from other countries is the same as for western females: to be together in sickness and health, love and cherish, care for each other.

The preferred notion in Eastern Europe is still for a lifetime marriage, and divorce is considered a failure.

Total males to females ratio is 86/100 in Russia and 85/100 in Ukraine.

You don’t need to be an expert to see why it’s hard for a woman who hasn’t found a partner by the age of 30 to get married.

And all her life she should look after her children…

A woman is a woman for a reason, so that others love her and she is loved.(See Ratio of males to females by country, Wikipedia) One of the prevalent reasons of early deaths in men is alcohol abuse, causing fatal accidents and health issues.An average life expectancy is only 62 years for Russian males, and 63 years for Ukrainian males.Russian and Ukrainian women decide to join international dating sites only when they have run out of options at home.Very few people ever have a dream, “I only want to marry a foreigner.” They date at home, aren’t successful in finding a lasting relationship that could potentially lead to a marriage, and then they look around and try other options, which they believe could give them what they want — a good husband.Father’s participation in kids’ upbringing is usually limited to paying alimonies and rare visits.

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