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come January 2020 the EU are bringing in a law saying that anyone who has a Off shore account will have to come clean so we can see how much they are hiding and to see if it can be taxed. [email protected] “the DUP are foolish to throw their weight behind the Tories today, they have had every opportunity to act in the interests of the people of the north of Ireland, who voted to remain, but they have continued to side with the British government.” Ly OUb David Koch is dead.

No longer being able to get away with tax avoidance & evasion is what Brexit is about We now have a UK government that can’t/won’t say a simple ‘yes’ to the question ‘will you abide by the law? Forget the fawning obituaries: the man spent his life funding campaigns to dismantle unions, drive down wages, slash benefits and destroy the planet.

Anyone who has deconstructed their faith in any way should understand what I mean by “detox.” It’s that period of time where you have to unlearn all the bad theology and screwy doctrines that you picked up in the Christian tradition you grew up in.

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Our 675 hotel guest rooms have been thoughtfully designed, some featuring large windows with views of the London skyline.

From classic British to Italian and modern European cuisine, St Giles London hotel takes you on an international culinary tour with three distinct restaurants.

And for the lonely traveller looking for a hook up, using to find more interesting things to do than watch porn in a hotel room is the best idea you’ll have on your trip away.

forget food when there’s something else you could be eating...

Food, and especially our preferences for preparing, cooking and eating it, are about far more…Are fathers and “fatherhood” underrepresented as a subject of inquiry in anthropology?

According to evolutionary anthropologist Anna Machin, up until 10 years ago, fatherhood was neglected by researchers “due to the misguided assumption that it…Or if you fancy it, why not watch the porn anyway – find a partner who loves of a bit of naughty TV and you’re halfway there!It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quickie or an all-nighter – if you’re just around the corner you can take your time and keep going back for more. This is odd since one would assume that the foundation of the Christian faith would be “Christ”, but that’s not the case, unfortunately.For most Evangelical Christians, especially, the Bible is their authority, and they will gladly affirm this if you’re…No matter your budget, St Giles London hotel delivers value, comfort, and incredible convenience.

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