Getting out of a dating slump

Did you have high hopes of finding love at the beginning of the year and now are less than impressed with your online options?

Perhaps you told yourself, “This is going to be my year!

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Spend an afternoon looking at the websites of the organizations you belong to and see what they’ve got planned for spring.

If you need things to do, make a list of groups to join: Museums, religious organizations, sports leagues, book clubs, alumni connections, volunteer opportunities, etc. 4) Go somewhere Nothing refreshes the spirit quite like a trip out of town. Visit your parents in Florida or your sister in Oregon.

Getting it right takes time and lots and lots of patience.

In the meantime, give yourself credit for what you’ve made happen for yourself so far. 2) Nurture your life offline While the online dating world slows down, this is a great time to boost your life in the real world.

It’s quite possible that you’ll find the mere habit of working out daily will motivate you to meet more people and get your finances in order. If you’re not having luck meeting a significant other, read the hundreds of stories of guys who were 30 year old virgins who went on to date some of the most beautiful women in the world. Write your goal on an index card and put it in your pocket. When you read over your goal make sure you’re visualizing yourself as having achieved it. It is pretty hard to accomplish something completely on your own.

The point is you need to continually inspire yourself and at the same time remind yourself that it is completely possible. Every day, everywhere you go, that goal will be right beside you. Stare at it and visualize it for however long it takes to snap you back into the right frame of mind. I find its best to let a few select people in on your planned outcome… If you’re looking to get into better shape find a good workout buddy.Hopefully, you’ve had a few interesting conversations and gone on a few fun dates. Start training for a 5K or plan the next outing for your brunch or hiking club.Reconnect with family and friends whom you ignored when you were in serious dating mode.You’ll also have the chance to take some good new photos for your profile.3) Schedule your spring You won’t mind a dating slowdown as much if you’ve got a calendar full of events to look forward to.If you’re comfortable traveling solo, pick a random weekend destination and take a stack of books and a beach chair.

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