Gemma dating in the dark

’ Women get asked a lot about what their plans are, more so than men, and to a certain extent I think: ‘That’s somebody else’s business and we shouldn’t necessarily be asking them that’.

Of Hannah’s worst on-screen encounters with potential suitors, one is laughably but depressingly recognisable, the other, more menacing; both are situations women frequently find themselves in as they navigate the cold world of dating apps.

I went and did something else and tried to forget about it and so watching it, it felt very new, I almost didn’t remember a lot of things we’d done and I said.

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“The initial idea was going to be a woman who wasn’t in a relationship but was absolutely certain she wanted to have a child and she goes down the route of artificially inseminating herself and having a baby on her own.

But then it changed slightly and it became a woman who was a bit more ambivalent about the idea of having a child.”“We also had back and forths about the ending too, whether she stays in a relationship or not.

She wants him to want to be with her for her."She's looking to the future on her own.

She's got this real bee in her bonnet about Chesney not thinking she's responsible enough.

It felt very uncomfortable doing it and although I knew what was going to happen, it still felt quite shocking when it happened, but these things happen on dates – and I’ve heard worse stories on dates.”, but says that outside of her career, she’s aware of the pressures on women.

She drew on the experiences of herself and her friends when creating the character of Hannah: “I think a lot of the stuff that comes up in this comes up a lot in discussions I’ve had with my girlfriends, my mum, my sister.

star Dolly-Rose Campbell has revealed that Gemma Winter will hide her baby news from Chesney Brown.

Next week's episodes see Gemma discover that she's pregnant, but the revelation comes after Chesney (Sam Aston) has already ended their relationship.

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