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Friends support each other in their romantic endeavors, and having friends who accept you and your partner make it easier to be confident in your relationship being public.Con: Your Extended Family Sucks Maybe your entire extended family doesn’t suck.Pro: You Can’t Get Pregnant From Sex Biology 101: a man and a woman need to have sex in order to create a baby.

While I’m trying to be lighthearted about judgement received in public, I have to acknowledge that it does pose real threats.

That old lady and her husband sitting at the next table over might be harmless, but unfortunately, there are other people who are not.

I’m very lucky to have an accepting immediate family and a mostly accepting extended family.

And while some LGBT youth have experiences similar to mine, many others face an entirely unaccepting family.

Con: You Receive Unwarranted Attention and Judgement in Public Despite the confidence boost from supportive friends, I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times that I felt embarrassed being in public with my boyfriend.

People do stare, and no, I’m not just being paranoid.

So I thought I’d share the pros and cons of gay relationships for those of you wondering how my relationship might compare to others.

Pro: Our Accepting Generation Means You Have Supportive Friends As I mentioned before, young adults are becoming increasingly accepting of different kinds of love and relationships.

Using a surrogate or impregnating a woman in a lesbian relationship through artificial insemination can lead to a child with genes from one of the parents, but that’s as far as it goes.

This reality is very difficult for same-sex couples who want to become parents, but at least other options exist.

You’re free to determine your role in the relationship independent of your gender.

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