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Furries are people who have a strong interest in animals with near-human attributes (also referred to as anthropomorphism).

Think of a typical Saturday morning cartoon in which animals can walk and talk, but still maintain the physical features of an animal (e.g. Furries come in all shapes, sizes and interest levels.

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For many furries, however, being a furry is more a way of life and social environment than it is a sexual thing and their focus is on the furry community and making like-minded friends. But why on earth would you let those judgmental, conformist normals stop you from having fun and being you?

Besides, behind closed doors they’re probably getting whipped, or diapered or foot worshipped.

Furries who wear fursuits are only one part of the furry community—however they do receive a disproportionate amount of media attention.

It’s a common misconception that all furries have or want a fursuit.

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