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Dating violence is an escalating pattern of manipulation that allows one person to have power and control over an intimate/romantic partner.The abusive partner may blame their partner for causing the abuse, minimize the abuse and/or deny the abuse is even occurring.Is talking to a CARE advocate the same as filing a formal report? CARE advocates can explain all reporting options to you - including the option to not report - but speaking with an advocate about an incident does not constitute filing an official complaint with the university.

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We provide services to UCSC students, staff and faculty members who are experiencing or have experienced sexual violence, dating/domestic violence and/or stalking.

We provide services to significant others - such as friends, family, partners - who are supporting a survivor or just have some questions.

Monarch provides free, confidential advocacy for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence through their 24/7 crisis line: 1-888-900-4232.

You can also follow up with a CARE advocate the next business day for advocacy with campus matters.

We are also able to see alumni/ae in special circumstances.

Sexual violence is an all encompassing non-legal term for a variety of different non-consensual sexual acts.

Some abusive partners misuse technology to stalk and track a partner’s activities on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

(Learn more at Tech ) The question is not “ It’s important to remember that domestic violence is first and foremost a pattern of power and control. Washington, DC: National Center for Transgender Equality.

It can include sexual, emotional, physical, financial and verbal abuse, or a combination of these.

Most abusive partners use solely emotional tactics to harm the other partner and most of the time it can be seen as “normal” relationship issues.

People who stalk can be subtle and minimize the seriousness of stalking so please contact CARE if you have any questions.

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