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If your adolescents want to share anonymously, they may choose apps like After School, which is developed specifically for teenagers and includes resources for counseling, scholarships and social campaigns.Over 75 percent of surveyed parents viewed anonymous sharing as “somewhat unsafe” or “very unsafe.” It’s a legitimate fear.Additionally, an Experian study found that 33 percent of the 15 million Americans who have been victims of identity theft had their devices hacked while traveling.

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Although anonymous sharing can promote healthy and open expression for users, it can also make it easier to overshare information.

Before letting your child use anonymous sharing apps, discuss what information is safe to share with your child.

Below are some of the top cybersecurity concerns every parent should understand in 2018.

Anonymous sharing is popular among tweens and teens.

“Of course, we use our phones to text and talk,” said Russ Schrader, NCSA’s executive director.

“But take a minute and think about the dozens of other things we do on our phones.

Being a parent is hard, especially when you have to keep up with the growing list of technological changes affecting your children.

In between chauffeuring kids to soccer practice and staying on top of their grades, there’s little time to research online threats, but computer viruses, ransomware and identity theft happen to children every day.

Being proactive and staying educated on the current cybersecurity risks facing kids and teens in today’s digital world goes a long way to keeping them safer online.

Parents who understand the biggest risks and educate their children are more likely to shut down cybercriminals before they ever have a chance to strike.

Everything from socializing to navigating a new city to booking a hotel and getting sports scores can be done on our handy, hand-held devices.

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