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I decided to cut back on the extra lessons for the second semester. The first week back at classes I found that I had a few of the same classes and was not happy.

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You look at them and try and remember the slight differences.

She has big eyes; he has a funny nose; she has bad acne; he is fat, or tall, or short, she has a hot arse, hmmm, her tits are nice when she bends over like that, etc., etc., it is the only way I had to recognize the different students, to tell one from another and thus make them feel that I knew them and did in fact like them.

Yes, you take notice of every little detail of them.

You have to, it is the only way you can try and remember their names.

She was nothing different from any of the other 300 students that I had in my various classes (well, apart from the boys), after all, she was Chinese, and she had black hair, the typical "Asian" features.

Once you have spent a number of years in Asian countries like I have, you don't look at people and see "White, Black, European," etc., you see people.Not knowing if she lived at the college, or at home, I did not know what time she would be online, or if she would have others around her and reading what was being said.At about 7pm I saw her come online, so I sent her a basic "Hello" and waited for a reply.As English is a "forced" subject, many were made to come to class by their families, but it was obvious they were not interested, or were scared. At the end of the first semester I had written the following about her achievements."Very quiet and never seems to speak, needs more encouragement and confidence to be a better speaker."Right from the start of second semester she began talking to me a lot, so much so that I did not realize that it was she.Eventually I got it down to one of three girls, so decided on a way to make sure of my guess.

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