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There seems to be very little written which actually works!My MXML and CFC are below but give me the error of "You have attempted to dereference a scalar variable of type class coldfusion.runtime.

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Congratulations to Josh Tynjala and the Feathers open source project for the release of Feathers 3.4.

It is powered by both Starling Framework and Adobe AIR.

I will try to explain this using a simple use-case: Charan is a Flex developer who is quite new to Cold Fusion.

He wants to create an application which can display the list of employees from an external datasource/xml file and populate these data in the application.

Array as a structure with members." -which is nice all help is much appreciated - thanks [Bindable] private var getconsent: Array Collection = new Array Collection([ , , , ]); public function send():void public function send_Result(event: Result Event):void public function send_Fault(event: Fault Event):void ]] 2 struct Contact Jane Smith Location Name Service B mx_internal_uid EAA43EF4-A7EA-82C9-5F3C-BAD780D7FD6F 3 struct Contact Doug Johnson Location Name Service c mx_internal_uid 9768D6D2-8F97-5F4D-767C-BAD780D7B478 If you're using CF9, try DCD with Flex 4: If you're using CF8 with Flex 3, try LCDS: it be easier for you to work with a query object instead of an array of structs?

I created a UDF to convert an Array Collection to a Query [Array Collection To Query] in CF after it's returned from your Flex application.

Flash Player is the foundation of the next generation of the Adobe Flash Platform, built on open technologies and open-source community participation.

Flash Player includes support for Stage 3D accelerated graphics rendering, 64-bit operating systems and browsers, G.711 audio compression for telephony, H.264/AVC software encoding, and advanced JPEG-XR image compression—all enabling richer and more immersive user experiences.

This blog is for presenting my views on Cold Fusion, Flex, AIR etc..

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