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I’ve had Filipino women tell me they love me our first night together, which is physically impossible (at least in my opinion).

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The problem here is that if your wife can fall in love so easily, what will keep her from falling for a different man?

No joke, pretty much every single Filipina has been cheated on by a boyfriend(s) they’ve trusted.

Having already met some westernized Pinays in Hawaii, I wholeheartedly agreed with his words.

It reminded me of the scene from Eddie Murphy So what am I getting at?

She began to smother him and questioned his every move.

After a while, he could no longer handle the jealousy and decided to call it quits. Let’s look at a list of Pinay traits that men should know about before diving into marrying a Filipina.

Fast forward a few years…She messaged me, and I couldn’t recognize her. The last time I was in the Philippines, I caught a girl trying to rob me.

Her face was coated with a thick layer of makeup, and her style completely changed. I’ve had money taken out of my stash spot twice in the Philippines. After my previous experiences, I learned to keep an eye on them.

One girl who I really fell for during my time in Davao later married an older American and moved to Florida with him.

She was 18 and gorgeous when I met her, didn’t wear any makeup.

lot of foreigners discover the problems with marrying a Filipina the hard way.

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