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Because the items listed above are some of the major topics couples talk about, it follows that they are also the same topics that can spur disagreements.

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Take for example, “What is the difference between in-laws and outlaws? '” Sayings such as these underscore the importance of knowing how your relationships with others can affect your marriage and could potentially become the topic of a marital conflict. Control and power are highly associated with the topics couples argue about.

Indeed, control and power issues are the foundation of most conflicts.

Even if one partner feels completely justified in his/her actions, becoming defensive will only add to the couple's problems.

Withdrawing from interactions and refusing to communicate at all.

allows you to choose among a wide selection of emotional relationship categories.

The selection will be displayed on the genogram with its corresponding color-coded link.

(Note: The word "marriage" is interchangeable with "relationship," if you are not married.) Time Together/Apart.

Both the quantity and quality of time we spend together influence the well-being of our marital friendships.

If your heart is beating more than 90 beats-per-minute, it becomes more difficult to access the "logical" part of your brain.

Disengaging from an interaction before something hurtful is said should last for at least 25 minutes or longer for a person to really calm down.

As you read through the is an important way to measure our commitment, trust, and intimacy in our relationships. At the end of each day (e.g., after you put the kids to bed), take a minute and put a " " or a "–" next to each skill to track how well you did with each of them throughout the day. If you are parents, consider putting this sheet up on the refrigerator door next to your children's homework (as "Mom's and Dad's homework") to remind you how you are doing. Feeling injured by others in response to criticism and contempt and refusing to take responsibility for personal actions.

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