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As mentioned earlier, antivirus software block access to any program which they find suspicious of infecting the computer system.

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Failed while updating boot sectors disk

Before you start using third-party alternatives, you should check if the physical connection between both of your drives is proper.

If you are connecting an SSD through a USB port, try plugging it inside the motherboard and try cloning again.

Users facing this issue report that they get a variety of error messages such as ‘access denied’ or ‘unable to match partition’.

This error message is usually also accompanied by error digits such as ‘error 9’, ‘error 0’ etc.

Make sure that you have an active internet connection and are logged in as an administrator.

A bad sector is a sector in a storage device which is inaccessible by any software because of permanent damage.

Usually, by following solution 1, all the bad sectors are removed from the logical storage.

But if there are some problematic one’s which are still causing trouble, this can solve the issue.

Change the SATA connection for the hard drive and if possible, attempt at changing the cable.

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