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However, Michele’s quiet game and social strategy earned her the victory.

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had the two starting tribes split by gender and occupying the same beach.

Kim used her close bonds with the other women in the game to get to the end, despite being the clear biggest threat in the game.

In the endgame, Ben was the clear biggest threat in the game and was the target for the majority of the votes in the final eight.

However, Ben’s scrappiness on the island served him well then, and will likely serve him well in an all winners season in the big moves era.

The intelligent, sharp-tongued medical student worked her way into a strong alliance of five on night one that stayed together until almost the end of the game.

Three of the members of that alliance made it to the final tribal. convincing arguments and under-the-radar gameplay allowed her to survive amidst an incredibly religious tribe.Though many are quick to dismiss his win as production interference, Ben’s spectacular idol plays and double agent trickery made Ben a memorable presence on his season.But Ben was also a catalyst for Survivor delving into the realities of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.She won the final immunity challenge and took returnee, Stephenie La Grossa, to the end, beating her in a 6-1 vote. Denise is the only person to attend every tribal council over the course of a single season.Her ability to maintain tight alliances with fellow tribe mates Michael Skupin, Lisa Welchel, and, most notably, Malcolm Freberg, gave her a clear path to the end and the title of Sole Survivor.released the full spoiler list of season 40 competitors.

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