Esxi ntp not updating

So I moved on to the configuration wizard and validated the details with no errors. So at this point my colleague @Jörn Rusch joined me to test all network settings done during the implementation and helped making sure the provided NTP servers are working as expected.

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language=en_US&cmd=display KC&external Id=1006427 I'll answer for Windows guests.

If you have VMware Tools installed, then the taskbar's notification area (near the clock) has an icon for VMware Tools. If you don't have VMware Tools installed, you can still set the clock's option for internet time to sync with some NTP server.

I have noticed that our VMWare VMs often have the incorrect time on them.

No matter how many times I reset the time they keep on desyncing. What do other people do to keep their VM time in sync? according to VMware's knowledge base, the actual solution depends on the Linux distro and release, in RHEL 5.3 I usually edit /etc/and append this parameters to the kernel entry: divider=10 clocksource=acpi_pm Then enable NTP, disable VMware time synchronization from vmware-toolbox and finally reboot the VM A complete table with guidelines for each Linux distro can be found here: TIMEKEEPING BEST PRACTICES FOR LINUX GUESTS

It turns out we had the Internet Time setting turned on in the Windows VM's (Control Panel Internet Time tab) so the guest was getting time updates from two places and the internet time was winning.

We turned that off and now the guest clocks are good, getting their time exclusively from the ESXi host.

The operating systems which use TSC as a timekeeping resource may experience the issue.

Newer operating systems typically do not use the TSC by default if other timers are available in the system which can be used as a timekeeping source.

The time sync was turned on in VMWare Tools on the guest, but the guest clocks were consistently off (by about 30 seconds) from the host clock.

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