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Inside a web browser, a third-party website can use Open ID to obtain a user's Steam ID which can be used as the login credentials for the 3rd party website, or linked to an existing account on that website.When using Open ID, the user begins in a web browser at the third-party website.

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Session Tickets can also be used to verify a user's identity between a game client and a secure, backend server using the Steamworks Web API.

Requires that the secure server can make HTTPS requests to .

The site's Open ID library can then use this data to verify and obtain the user's Steam ID.

Steam provides the following images which may be used by 3rd party sites when linking to the Steam sign in page: Steam's Open ID 2.0 implementation can be used to link a users Steam account to their account on the third-party website.

You can retrieve the current user's Steam ID by calling ISteam User:: Get Steam ID and then retrieve the 64-bit ID by calling on the returned value.

The following authentication methods can be used to securely verify a user's Steam ID.

The following document describes each of these authentication methods used in the following scenarios:.

In the Steamworks C APIs, a user's Steam ID is contained within a CSteam ID object.

This eliminates the need for Steam users to do any sort of secondary login to 3rd party account systems.

Additionally, if new 3rd party accounts can be automatically created and linked when a new Steam ID is encountered, the Steam user will never have to be aware that a secondary authentication is taking place at all.

A list of open source Open ID libraries can be found at the Open ID website.

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