Error crashed while validating asset

I have these comments set to auto-generate documentation for the API methods. I deleted all the carriage returns, special characters, etc.

error crashed while validating asset-8

In my case xxxx.was not loaded when tried to publish the application.

I deleted the file and restart the Visual studio then created a new profile to publish it, problem is solved and published successfully.

And then selected Type as Latest Version and ticked following two check boxes and clicked Get button.

Then i refreshed the solution and my project came back to live and problem gone.

anyway Deleting The Folders with the Temp info Fix this problem.

in my case the Project was a Windows Server, and Basically it Creates a Folder with some Tem info.

Hey, I have the same issue on Mac working on a Cocoa C# solution. ) It always say that the root element is missing so it cannot load my C# project file.

I have the 2017 Visual Studio Mac Community Edition.

This caused the NUGET package manager to fail and show the error Root element is missing.

The resolution was to copy over elements from another non-empty file and then change it according to the needs.

Example (packages.config): In my case, i was using vs 2010 with crystal report.

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