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As a chapter leader nothing brings her more joy than putting a bow, a gun, or a fishing rod in someones hands for the first time and watching them fall in love with the outdoors.That passion for teaching others pushed Erin to become a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Hunter Safety Instructor and a Bowhunter Education Instructor. Help women, regardless of age, be the best version of themselves in the outdoors.

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Much like their free spirited momma, they have deep love of the outdoors and enjoy nothing more than to have a fishing pole in their hands. Wildlife Women provides Erin the opportunity to engage and share her love for the outdoors, surrounded by other women who share who love and passion for the outdoors.

They truly have inherited their mothers love and passion for being outside and want nothing more than to be outdoors every chance they get. After a life time of competing against men, feeling like she alway had to prove herself and her skills, she found a new avenue for sharing her passion and love for the outdoors.

Aside from her time with Wildlife Women, Erin continues to leave her mark on the outdoor community by cohosting the weekly Killin’It Podcast, and as a contributing author on website.

Erin uses these platforms to encourage women to establish their own presence in the outdoor industry.

I later grew a love for hunting which was easy, because I already had a love for the outdoors while growing up in it.

Even though I haven't taken a lot of big game, I still enjoy the peacefulness that comes while being in the woods and hearing and watching the world come alive.Hunting teaches you patience, discipline, ethics, sustainability, appreciation, confidence, perseverance, and hard work.Erin Bingham-Stump Kentucky Boyd / Carter / Greenup Counties [email protected]Erin was born with a love for the outdoors running deep through veins and that still defines her to the very core today.From running barefoot on muddy creek banks as a child, tucked deep in a holler of Eastern Kentucky, she was able to snag her first creek minnow on a homemade sugar cane pole. Erin spent her childhood running freely through the mountains, learning the property lines of the family farm by landmarks that are still etched deep into her mind today.As an adult, she still roams the mountains chasing game of species big and small, but her passion for the outdoors does not stop there.I love getting in a gym or doing home workouts so I can stay healthy and be fit to be able to pursue the outdoors more everyday.

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