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They love public displays of affection precisely because of their warm, nurturing personality.If anything, they can be too loving—and often get accused of being clingy as a result of their need to be affectionate.

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Or worse, they may end up getting passive-aggressive to the point that a breakup ensues.

On a similar note, ENFPs can't stand criticism—regardless of who is giving it.

Most of the time, ENFPs end up in long term relationships because they are so good to their partners. In many cases, the kindness of an ENFP tends to be taken for granted—or worse, actively sought out by people who look to use and abuse partners. If they aren't careful to screen who they date, ENFP personality types will end up linking up with someone who just doesn't appreciate them or treat them well.

This, in turn, tends to seriously hurt ENFPs and in many situations, ENFPs will struggle to leave abusive relationships because they tend to feel so deeply.

With the very artistic, creative way that ENFPs see the world, it's not that surprising that a lot of them have reckless streaks.

They have a wild streak that can make them great to bring to parties...The good news is that most ENFPs grow wise to the signs they're being taken for granted, and that means that they typically will "grow out of" accepting bad treatment from a partner.So, if you do end up making the mistake of treating an ENFP badly, don't expect them to just accept it.If you have a partner who has an ENFP personality type or are an ENFP person in a relationship, congrats. Since ENFPs are known for being unusually empathic, caring, and nurturing individuals, those who manage to find themselves in an ENFP relationship are very lucky.In a healthy relationship, this often means that you can expect a lot of affection and attentiveness given to both sides. Vocal is a platform that provides storytelling tools and engaged communities for writers, musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, and other creators to get discovered and fund their creativity. Creators share their stories on Vocal’s communities. ENFP's are often called "Campaigners" because they are extroverted, caring, intuitive, and childlike in nature.

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