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Teachers who do not expect instant answers, who display their own honest uncertainties, who take a moment to think about ‘What if’ or ‘What if not’ or ‘How else could this be done?

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According to the Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence, effective questions are meaningful and understandable to students.

Depending on the level of comprehension of a topic, students may be able to handle questions of various levels of difficultly.

It is important not to present the Holocaust or the potential for evil that ifairly straight forward and tries to emphasize the all too ordinary human impulses that brought this abyss in 20th-century history. Anyone at all will benefit from reading this book now, and for many years to come.

The author's point is to present the Holocaust, not as something performed by a monstrous alien race completely divorced from ordinary people or history. His detailed account brings solemnity and truth to an often fraught and emotional topic.

The teacher poses questions that are more meaningful than those a novice of a given topic might develop on his or her own.

The teacher creates and sustains an intellectually stimulating classroom environment and acknowledges the value of the student in that environment.If working in groups, students have the opportunity to learn from a variety of perspectives.These have more narrowly defined correct answers which can be recalled from memory and require little reflection or originality. Closed-ended questions such as those requiring a Yes/No response, or one answer from a few possible options (multiple choice) may be useful for quickly checking comprehension.These require the learner to provide information, give an opinion, explain or clarify.They often focus on content rather than language, require ‘follow-up’ or ‘probe’ questions, and the answer is not necessarily known by the teacher.In an intellectually open, safe, and demanding learning environment, students will be challenged, yet comfortable in answering questions honestly and fully in front of their peers.

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