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Uncover the lore of the land and get to know the El Search Party through exciting and dynamic dungeon runs!

I had the same issues, I have no idea why it happens.

So I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this on, however the client patch updater has not been working for me, I open the patch updater and it simply sits on 0% permanently, I've waited a good fifteen minutes and it hasn't made progress, then I decided to manually install the patch, which also prevailed no results and the patch updater continued to sit at the same 0% without updating again.

Is there anything I could possibly do to fix the client and force it to update?

This is not a direct problem with the game itself, but rather with the client updater and patch system.

Platformer games have always been exciting since they use the camera display as an excuse to showcase fancy graphics without tearing down your video card.

Dressing up according to your mood in Elsword is super simple!

You can wear a full set for a more coordinated look or you can choose to mix and match pieces that defines your personal aesthetics!

You may be fooled at first when you see how weak the minions are in a dungeon, but you mustn't make the mistake of thinking that the boss will go down quickly.

They know how to combo too, and their HP bar sometimes seems like it never drops, not even by an inch, so coordinated teamwork between you and your friends aid the key to downing them to get that unique loot.

This determined hero's only weakness is magic but he's convinced that there's nothing a sharp sword can't beat.

Battle with friends or test out your strength against other players!

Plus, there’s plenty of other modes you can choose and customize for a more challenging or chill PVP session!

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