Editing and validating xml files eclipse

Release of XML Validator Buddy 5.4: Usability improvements and an update of the Large File editor: XML editor Improved XML to JSON conversions and JSON pretty-print/remove whitespace functionalities with XML Validator Buddy 4.5 XPath Evaluator window and quick generation of XPath expressions for your XML in XML Validator Buddy 4.4 XML Validator Buddy 4.3 is now also a JSON editor with JSON schema support.

Download XML Editor and XML Validator – XML Copy Editor.

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An XML editor goes beyond the syntax highlighting offered by many plain text editors and generic source code editors, verifying the XML source based on an XML Schema or XML DTD.

XML Copy Editor is a free software released under the GNU GPL.

When you have loaded the 2 schemas, click OK and return to the editor. Based on the schema definition and your location in the View definition, the editor will propose what the possible elements are that can be used.

When you do this you’ll start to see the limitations of the Eclipse XML editor.

The schemas used to define the UI5 libraries are using a concept called “Substitution Groups” to implement Polymorphism – The View XML expects the next element to be a etc. Unfortunately this appears to be a limitation in Eclipse (does anyone know a fix?? As seen earlier, if you type the control name, the schema does identify it and provides additional help.

What it does mean is that your view will most likely never be 100% valid (based on the schema definition), due to the validation looking for a Anyway, that’s it.Hopefully someone can take what I’ve done so far and work out how to fix these 🙂 So, how do we get started?First, you’ll need the XSD’s for the UI5 libraries.Use the add button to load the 2 schemas into the XML catalog.You should notice that the key will automatically be set to the value of the schema namespace.This XML Editor is available in Catalan, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Slovak, Swedish and Ukrainian. There are Linux packages for Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, Slackware and Ubuntu.

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