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but she says that she's just not attracted to me..." Have you ever noticed that:1) The most attractive and interesting women seem to be attracted to men who don't treat them very well? Here's the deal: Women aren't usually romanticallyattracted to "nice" guys.

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These are supermodels and playmates of the year and such. Tommy Lee was MARRIED to both Heather Locklear AND Pamela Anderson... These women didn't need Tommy Lee for his money or his fame... I mean, I know that an occasional woman will drive a man to drink, but I don't recommend going "Motley Crue" on a girl... The first chapter of my book "Double Your Dating" is called "Women Don't Make Sense". I believe:1) Women make decisions very, very quickly about whethera man is going to be "just a friend" or if he has romantic potential, and once her decision is made, it's probably going to stay made.2) These decisions are made "unconsciously", meaning that women make all of them quickly and at a "gut level".3) If you know how, you make her feel attraction feelings rather than "friend" feelings.4) The way to do it is to stop acting "nice" and start acting, well... For instance, you might say: "So what's with the big purse? " or maybe "Those are some pretty tall shoes, what are you like 4' tall without them?

" If you tease a woman, it shows that you're not intimidated by her, and that you have a fun sense of humor. If you don't know how to be funny, get a book on it.

I’m a Romantic Headline Women very much do like a romantic, but that headline is hardly the place to sway them with the notion.

You have plenty of time in the future to open some car doors or send flowers out of nowhere.

Just Another Sleaze Ball Headline I will keep this one brief and to the point.

We are pointing this article toward men seeking women, because females are not as visual and respond to charm quite well.Now not every site still uses this area for some catchy headline to hopefully stop women in their tracks just long enough to give your dating profile a view.You may hate being single, but this is not the time or place to seem needy or alone in the world.The test: If she's not laughing, then it wasn't funny!2) Look around at other things and seem kind of pre-occupied when you first start talking to her.Why "Nice Guys" Fail With Women--------------------------------------------------To safely and permanently exclude yourself fromfuture mailings just click the link at the endof this newsletter.

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