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It is important girls know about this treachery so they can defend themselves.Also for guys there is a lot of useful information here to help you get a girlfriend and maintain a relationship.

But if you genuinely do not give a crap people will be like wow that guy is so cool he doesnt even give a crap.

(Pretending not to give a crap wont work) Not giving a crap is about the only thing you can do to deal with things you cant change.

Females are rarely direct, if you can understand what they are thinking even when they dont understand why they are doing what they are doing, you can avoid many pointless fights.

(Improving the quality of your relationship) Drink drugs and senseless porking.

This will trigger a predatory response in other humans and they will try to harm you out of instinct without even realizing what they are doing.

If you try to project yourself as a big wang alpha male tribal leader and walk down the centre of the hallway with broad shoulders looking up with a confident stride you will project yourself as a dominant tribal leader.

With understanding human and animal behaviour they can more easily look at themselves and their behaviour objectivly and choose to change.

Humans as animals, after studying the relations of human and animal behaviour you can see how girls dancing at a club as just baboons presenting to attract a mate and guys trying to be cool and just birds showing off their healthy plumage to try and attract a mate.

People are being domesticated and being strong physically and mentally is generally punished by society while being a helpless victim is promoted.

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