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Polyamory is actually much more common than people may first realize and if you bring a dateable self to the dating pool, you will eventually find yourself with the right person for you.

I have a good friend who graduated from a conservative Catholic college with a degree in theology.

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She immediately began working in ministry positions — youth ministry, women’s ministry, and even at a crisis pregnancy center.

Teaching people about chastity, Catholic dating, and how the Church views sex was a huge part of her life. Now this girl really is an amazing young woman, so despite being embarrassed and mad at herself, and a little frustrated that her one slip-up would now be on display for the whole world and make her look like a hypocrite, she made the best of it.

Unfortunately, we venture into the real world and realize all those movies were a feel good fantasy. Sometimes the craving to get our kinky itch scratched can cause us to leap before looking and we land in a brier patch full of regret.

The thing to remember is that dating has a 99 percent failure rate. Luckily for you, there has never been a better time or place to be kinky than right now.

With the preponderance of traditional social media sites we are able to vet and research potential partners like never before. Yes, there is an app (or two or three or four) for that. Hopefully the pelting rainstorm of ill fitting penis will slow down soon and you two will locate the one that works for you.“I am happily married and love my wife and we are also both polyamorous.

As with all things your mileage will vary and you’ll get back what you put in. We are at the point in our relationship where I feel comfortable in seeking out another partner, but I am finding it really hard to navigate dating as a poly person. I actually had this exact same conversation with my husband as he prepared to enter the dating world after a 9 year abstinence.

And yet, she still made a mistake in her personal life. She was honest with people, she sought out supportive friends, and she and her boyfriend discerned what to do with their relationship.

A couple years after her mistake, she’s happily married to the father of her child, still working in the Church, and has a second baby on the way.

He and his girlfriend are extremely happy together.

As long as you are honest and clear in your communication, there is a fit for you out there.

The majority of dates that we go on are not going to work out for one reason or another. It used to be that kinky people had to place ads in the back of obscure newspapers, cross their fingers and hope for the best. These days we have the internet as a resource and are no longer hidden in the shadows.

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