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It required a second or third set of clicks to make this happen. However, this was not showing up on the presentation page.

is only possible when used in combination of Sql Data Source, Object Data Source and similar. How do you get the details view to change its appearence to accomodate editing? I copied the format of the detailsview ""Page Index Changing" event which would give me "protected void dv_Mode Changing(Object sender, Details View Page Event Arg e)" however the detailsview object has no property called "Mode" It does have a property called "Current Mode" but "e" has no property called "New Mode" It only has properties "Cancel" and "New Page Index". Select the DV in the design window and press the F4 key. There's a button on top with the image of a lighting bolt.

If you use a custom data source you must handle all those events (Mode Changing and all the *Changing events).

I'm just curious how or where I should set my view back to readonly?

Thanks for the quick responses, Nick Hi Nick, I've never built an MVP app, so my suggestions may not be the best for that architecture (but I know a thing or two about the Details View, so maybe I can help).

Two others were merely MSDN defintions of other detail view events whose example only showed the mode changed events only filling in the text of a label. You can also consult MSDN Online for the event signatures: Details View. The sample there shows the correct event signature. Event created is "dv_Mode Changing(object sender, Details View Mode Event Args e)" E has a Mode property. I found this blog on how the use the Detailsview without a datasource control , but it loses the flexibility I was employing in my details view by assigning the datasource from a particular Datareader reflecting level of the hierarchical data I was getting from my nested gridviews.

I did a search on bing and that post was and its rss were two of five results that came back. I was just illustrating what you needed to do from the top of my head. Now it is beginning to appear that I would have been better off building my own html to implement this. Hopefully someone has some ideas on how to get this thing to work like it should.

Connection Strings = _ ("Name of my connectionstring is here").

Basically, I wanted to have a search button in my web site for the users.

The instructions made it sound as if upon changing the properties to enable the edit/delete/insert buttons that all the code would be automagically created (or at least the stubs). So if anyone can provide me with a better source on how to fix this I would be obliged. Changing the mode forces the control to dump its contents and rebind, and rebind only works if there's a data source. I suspect that this is because the original question listed in thetitle has been answered and people don't understand that the answer to this question created follow up issues.

However, when I tested it I got the error "The Details View 'dv Grid' fired event Mode Changing which wasn't handled." This post stated "Either implement that event or remove the handler from the code-behind." This however made no sense to me. All these webforms controls require the data source to operate, and auto editing, auto deleting, auto sorting, etc. Am I creating the markup for a second third and fourth detailsview to display what is needed for edit, delete, and insert? So to be clear: Just one line in Mode Changing (the one in boldface). Since it is not possible to generate the event handler from the drop down at the top of the page, (like you can do with, I need information on the arguments. So i will close it giving points to Web_Jose for fixing the original issue and start another thread outlining my current issue.

So, you have a Grid View or Details View that has standard “Edit” “Update” “New” type command buttons on them.

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