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Daily weather records were kept at Armagh Observatory from 1796 onwards.Matching these and other data with tree-ring cores from yews in Reenadinna Wood, Stephen Galvin studied the response, in 32 trees, to aerosol-veils thrown up by well-documented eruptions.

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The largest and probably oldest known tree in Ireland is at Ballyrankin, Co Wexford, with a girth of 7.64m, found by the hunter of Ireland’s champion trees, Aubrey Fennell (Perrin TCD thesis 7341).

Wild yews were part of Ireland’s first forests, flourishing, for example, on the limestone pavements of the Burren.

Baillie became one of the world’s most respected authorities on tree-ring dating and also, in his own term, “a dendro-catastrophist”.

He was especially concerned with tree-ring “signatures” in bog oak of stunted growth following two major disastrous environmental events.

Our yew is thus the very opposite of the form that stands sentry in so many Irish churchyards, its branches clustered into a dark and sombre spire.

This cultivar has been cloned by the million from seedlings brought down from a limestone crag on the Fermanagh side of Cuilcagh Mountain some 250 years ago.

Over 40 years of research , Baillie completed a 7,400-year environmental history of Ireland, back to 5,400 BC, as revealed in the tree-rings of native Quercus oaks.

Its sequences were pieced together from samples of ancient trees, some salvaged from bogs and medieval buildings.

His belief that these narrowest tree rings may have coincided with comet activity, rather than volcanic eruptions, led him into controversy.

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