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To create this article, 23 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Or perhaps a friend invites you to a social function that you would rather avoid?

I will not use anyone’s full name in the report, just initials, and the region you live in (e.g.

South West) but I will need your name and a contact address.

This lack of connection may trigger feelings of disappointment, loss, or abandonment.

For clients with relational traumas, events such as vacations, emergencies, or even adjustments in session times may also cause feelings of loss and abandonment. The details aren’t important, but I’ll acknowledge that I had taken on a few too many things.

I look for the first time into her living room…forbidden territory which I’ve never had a real glimpse of before. This seems such a unique opportunity to learn more about her, but the thought of being discovered wandering around her home is a strong deterrent.

I scan the room, taking in all I can from my vantage point in the doorway, looking at signs of her lived life: a blanket on the sofa, books and magazines on the table, pictures on the walls, a coffee cup on a side table. I slowly leave her house, get back into my car, and drive home.

The mistake was realized within the hour and I phoned her and we spoke. Never before had I been the one to miss the session. Being witness to your client’s emotional life, and literally, being awake and engaged for fifty minutes at a time, taking in all that your client shares and responding based upon your knowledge of the history of this person.

What then, do you do when you fail to be present in the most obvious of ways? A year into therapy with my therapist, I show up at her office, which also happens to be her home.

Top it off with having a few people needing to meet at different times.

Add to that one way I manage client confidentiality: putting client names into my hard calendar (which I do not carry about with me) and then transcribing the sessions later to my i Phone calender simply as “client,” to preserve confidentiality in the event that my phone is lost or stolen. I mistakenly transposed a client session time from my hard calendar to an hour later in my phone. A client arrived at my office, waited in the waiting room, perhaps knocked on my door, wondering about my whereabouts, and I wasn’t there. After eleven years of becoming accustomed to some clients not showing up, some clients canceling last minute…this was new.

I wait for about ten minutes, but I think I knew she wasn’t there from the instant I’d arrived.

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