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Lawlor follows with an overhead suplex onto an open chair for 2. He brings a cowbell with him and just beats on people. Lawlor sets a door in the corner, but Havoc knocks him to the floor.

" "Alright then, just put a whole tomatoe in" when the potent smoothie was complete, and Finch choked it down, he suddenly turned green, and rushed to the bathroom, and emerged a few minutes later still blanching from the awful taste.

He was taken aback, sure, but warmed up to it pretty quickly.

Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Jimmy Havoc @ via pin [***] : MJF and Dan Severn start us off. Severn catches him with a German, and then a clothesline. He lays in kicks on Wolf, hits a suplex and MJF cuts him off.

They shake hands and Severn starts throwing MJF around. Tanaka and Severn trade strikes and #6 is Jordan Oliver. He runs wild with chops and kicks, and comes face to face with Fenix.

For a full 3 minutes." Katherine was flabbergasted, but without further ado, walked over, and kissed the boy firmly on the lips.

"I try."Turns out, the game got a lot less interesting after the whole Jack Katherine thing.Post break and Tanaka fires back and hits a suplex and knee drop for 2. They fight over a suplex, and Reed hits a jawbreaker for 2. Reed then runs into kicks and Tanaka cradles him for the win. – Brian Pillman Jr talks Battle Riot, and Salina tries to buy his number. : Havoc attacks before the bell, but Lawlor hits a German and follows with strikes. They brawl to the floor, Lawlor sets up a door bridge and follows with rights. Minoru Tanaka defeated Myron Reed @ via pin [**½] – Salina draws numbers for her team. Lawlor now lays in kicks, but Havoc lays in chair shots. This is in a world where Jack and Katherine aren't dating... Also, things may get a little racy here and there"How about a game? " Those 4 innocent words caused havoc on a small apartment in the middle of Manhattan, on a steamy summer's night. – MLW Middleweight Title Match: Champion Teddy Hart defeated Ace Austin @ via pin [***] – Minoru Tanaka defeated Myron Reed @ via pin [**½] – MLW Title NYC Street Fight: Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Jimmy Havoc @ via pin [***] – Battle Riot: LA PARK won @ [***] : Austin refuses the handshake, they push and shove and then trade strikes.

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